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Our sister company CORDENKA GmbH & Co. KG is the leading producer of premium quality industrial rayon, marketed worldwide under the brand name CORDENKA®.

CORDENKA® high-tenacity, cellulose-based man-made fibers are used as reinforcing material in high-performance tires, mechanical rubber goods and other composites.

CORDENKA employs some 700 people. The headquarters and yarn-production facilities are located in Obernburg, Germany. Converting operations are located in Obernburg and in Gorzow, Poland.

The CORDENKA spinning plant in Obernburg has an annual capacity of 32,000 metric tons of industrial rayon yarns; today, some 18,000 tons of dipped cord fabric capacity is available solely for the tire industry.

Cordenka Homepage

Erfahren Sie mehr ├╝ber unser Schwesterunternehmen und besuchen Sie die CORDENKA Homepage.