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Cordus is equipped with horizontal finishing lines for the production of stiff and soft textile single end cords. Polymer cord coating operations represent the core production of Cordus. Besides coating, Cordus also has the expertise for cord twisting, i.e. turning single end reinforcement yarns into multiple ply cord constructions by ring twisting or direct cabling. Twisting operations are carried out in house or by external suppliers complying with Cordus quality management requirements derived from IATF 16949 regulations.



Stiff Cord Production

Stiff Cord Production

  • Application of solvent-based dips and aqueous resins
  • Multiple dip trays for stiffening and activation, adhesive and top coating
  • Multiple stretching units and tension zones
  • High torque
  • Multiple furnaces for drying and curing
  • Thermal exhaust’s after treatment
  • For heavy cords and cables, i.e. high linear densities
Soft Cord Production

Soft Cord Production

  • Application of aqueous resins and dispersions
  • 1-2 dip trays (optional second dip tray for increased dip pick-up)
  • Multiple stretching units and tension zones
  • High finishing speeds
  • For fine yarns and cords, i.e. low linear densities