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CORDUS reinforcements are used where 100% reliability is key. The application may be an ultra high performance automotive tire that is driven at 250 km/h, a highly stressed power transmission belt in a combine harvester that – without any compromise – needs to function in time, or a self-tensioning automotive V-belt: the reinforcement’s performance is relied upon by our customers and by the end users. Everybody at CORDUS is aware of this and lives up to this responsibility day by day when processing customer’s reinforcement orders.

We do high performance single end cords for extremely high demanding applications. We also do tailor made coating solutions, applying special top coats for specific customer’s requirements, even if order quantities don’t exceed 15,000 kg per year.

We also may be able to help to streamline customer’s reinforcement product portfolios by facilitating the use of state of the art alternatives to standard reinforcements while matching existing customer specification’s requirements.


  • High performance tires
  • High quality bicycle tires
  • Automotive, agricultural & industrial driving and timing belts
  • Automotive and industrial hoses
  • Flexible joint disks and exhaust system suspensions
  • Paper machine clothing, conveyor belts