CORDUS – Single End Reinforcement Cords


At CORDUS, we stand for sustainability on various levels. Responsible production, bio-based materials, sustainable innovations.

Responsibility for sustainable production

CORDUS emphasizes the importance of responsible management of water and land. With sustainable waste and water management, high ecological standards, and systematic, permanent improvement, CORDUS takes responsibility for sustainable production and supply chain management.

Use of sustainable materials

More than 50% of our produced materials are made of the bio-based material “Rayon”. Rayon is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based fibers – keeping the environment free of plastic and fossil carbon in the soil. We ensure that they come only from responsible sources (FSC® quality).

Hand in hand for a better future

Sustainable innovations

In the fight against plastic pollution and to conserve fossil resources, innovative sustainable solutions are needed in various areas, and CORDUS is working closely with its parent company CORDENKA on this. At CORDENKA Innovations, CORDENKA’s innovation laboratory, the application of sustainable viscose-based products is developed and tested.

EcoVadis Stainability Rating

In 2022, CORDUS GMBH was awarded a gold medal in recognition of its Sustainability Rating by EcoVadis.